Enough Already!


Surprisingly provocative title to this blog post, and yes it’s also the title of the book I finished reading over the weekend.

In his book, Enough Already!: Clearing Mental Clutter to Become the Best You, Peter Walsh talks about the clutter that’s in our minds and how its affecting our relationships. As we face problems, and don’t deal with them properly head on, everything piles up, just like the “stuff” we gather in our houses, and clutter becomes a problem.

Relationships are not easy, and require that both parties participate in keeping it healthy. The most important step in achieving this is communication, and the willingness to make things work.

In this short book, Walsh goes through ways you can make your relationship work from the ground up, and what to do when conflicts eventually happen (and they will in any relationship).

While it wasn’t the topic of this book, I also took away the fact that clutter in general can be bad for you. Do you really need all the stuff that’s lying around in your house? Or are you just clinging to old memories that hold no value today? Take a moment to think about it.

Enough Already!: Clearing Mental Clutter to Become the Best You was a relatively short book, but it’s packed full of great advice. I recommend you read it if you think your relationship(s) could use some help, oh and make your “other half” read it as well.

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