100 Ways to Motivate Yourself, Change Your Life Forever


I’ll start this week (I’m writing this on a Monday) with a book that I found by accident as I was looking for ways to keep myself motivated to continue doing what I’m already doing. 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself one of those books that will help you keep your thinking straight as you’re heading towards you goal(s) in life.

You know what feeling motivated feels like, but that really shouldn’t be your goal in life; to try to find motivation that allows you to do the things you’d like to do. Instead what I recommend you do is, be happy when you feel motivated, but rather than let that be the prerequisite for doing something that you want, let it be the time when you work extra hard towards to the goals you’ve set for yourself. Even the most successful people don’t feel motivated all the time, we know this for a fact. What differentiates the successful people from ordinary folk is that they choose to work even at times when they really don’t feel like it. They let their goals in life be the defining factor of their happiness.

That’s enough of my thoughts on the issue. Let’s get to talking about the book I’ve read today.

100 Ways to Motivate Yourself is a book that gives you helpful tips on how to change your thinking and environment so that both can facilitate a change in your life. We (us humans) prefer comfort, safety and risk-free life. However, change and facing challenges are necessary in order to find success. Nobody goes from zero to hero without any effort.

I recommend you read the book for yourself, as I found myself agreeing with pretty much everything in the book. I especially liked how the book ended, but I won’t spoil that one for you, because a book with a good ending is a truly rare find. Instead I’ll just share some of the tips given in the book so you can get a feel of the book, and then decide if its something you could be beneficial to you (the anwer is yes, by the way).


Simplify your life


“It’s hard to stay motivated when you’re confused.
When you simplify your life, it gathers focus. The more
you can focus your life, the more motivated it gets.”

This chapter is all about keeping it simple. Usually we have “many things going on in your life”, or maybe it’s just a convenient lie we tell to ourselves, but in reality it’s better to have less going on in your life. The more we have, the more scattered our life and thoughts will be.

You will find that having less things to do, keeping it simple, it will be easier to put more focus on energy on the couple of things that you have going on in your life. This is a better breeding ground for your future success than trying to keep busy with everything that’s going on.

Welcome the unexpected


“Most people do not see themselves as being creative, but we all are. Most people say, “My sister’s creative, she paints,” or “My father’s creative, he sings and writes music.” We miss the point that we are all creative

One of the reasons we don’t see ourselves that way is that we normally assoiate being “creative” with being “original”. But in reality, creativity has nothing to do with originality – it has everything to do with being unexpected.”

I just liked the way this was put here in this book. Creativity is not about being original. Let me explain:

This comes from me studying human psychology, among other things, and not really from this book, but it is invaluable information so I’ll share it.

Humans gravitate toward what feels familiar to them. We even discussed it earlier here, but safe and comfort are what people prefer. We tend to stay away from what’s new and unexpected to us. Did you ever stop to think just how similar popular music is these days? This is exactly what I mean. Of course that’s not the only reason. Humans in general, as social creatures, also want a sense of belonging to a group. So, if something is popular among our peers, or the vast majority of people, we sometimes stop our critical thinking just to fit into the group. That’s the psychology behind this idea.

The most famous artist simply take what’s already out there, alter it a little bit to make it their own, and then release it to the public, because it sells. That doesn’t mean they are not creative now does it.

“Even Mozart said that he never wrote an original melody in his life. His melodies were all recombinations of old folk melodies.”

Once I realized this, it completely changed how I think about modern music and art, and it gave me a good idea how to create something that could be popular. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

Kill your television


“Cutting down on television is sometimes terrifying to the electronically addicted, but don’t be afraid. You can detox slowly. If you’re watching too much television and you know it, you might find it useful to ask this one question: “Which side of the glass do I want to live on?

When you’re watching television you are watching other people do what they love doing for a living. Those people are on the smart side of the glass, because they are having fun, and you are passively watching them have fun. They are getting money, and you are not.”

I’ll end this article with this tip from the book. I don’t watch television, in fact I only watched television when I was young. While it may seem like this chapter is only about television; it’s not. It’s about all similar types of media.

I may not care for the TV, but I do watch YouTube, and follow people on Instagram and twitter. I even take care of my own social media accounts on Facebook and Linked.In. Social media is what used to steal a lot of my productive time. Another one of my bad habits is video games. Luckily, I’ve been able to pinpoint what my weakpoints are, and for the past 2 years I’ve gradually been able to spend less and less time watching other people do things they enjoy, and instead I’ve focused on doing something that will make me happier in the long run.

You should do the same. Find out what that something that takes all your free time away is, and reduce the time you use on it. I’m not saying kill it entirely, because I tried it and it only resulted in me binging on the content I had been “missing out on” once I eventually craved into my old habits.

It might be difficult for you, but the best way to do this is schedule a block of time each day when you allow yourself to indulge in your bad habits. Let’s say you watch YouTube and spend time on Instagram, like I used to do. Instead of going to those sites randomly during the day, reserve a 1-2 hour window where you allow yourself to do it, but you’ll stop as soon as that window closes. Trust me, it’ll work and you’ll feel great once you’ve mastered the self-discipline to do so.

Have A Nice Week

I ended up writing a lot more than I expected. I didn’t talk too much about what’s in the book, but that doesn’t really matter. It’s thought provoking in a good way, so I hope you’ll read it as well.

You can buy the book here: 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself

For now, I hope you’ll have a great rest of the week.

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  1. Great post, I agree with the thought that everyone is creative in their own way. I know so many people that write off the idea of being creative and just think they lack any source of creativity or have no potential for creativity.

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