Good Time [Movie Review]


This will be the first of (hopefully) many movie reviews that I’m about to do. I watched a couple of movies this week, most of them were terrible and I wouldn’t recommend them, but then I stumbled upon this gem of a movie.

I had already heard about Good Time, and I was initially planning on seeing it at the theater, which I ended up not doing for some reason. Thankfully I was able to see it, just a bit later, and I’m glad that I did.

The movie follows Constantine Nikas (Robert Pattinson) after his brother Nick (Benny Safdie, also one of the directors of the movie) gets arrested when they attempts to rob a bank, and manage to botch it due to poor planning.

Constantine attempts to save his brother from jail by any means necessary, and this is what the movie is all about. The movie takes course during one night in New York City, and its filled with fast-paced chaotic moments that keep the watchers at the edge of their seats. It was a truly thrilling ride watching this movie play out.


I felt that the depiction of what was happening was realistic enough that it could actually happen, which is both terrifying and I’d even say eye-opening. I especially liked the fact that the main character used psychological tricks to manipulate others, as I’ve been reading about psychology recently, and understood what was happening. There’s a lot more to the movie than what’s on the surface.

Every actor played their part well, but Pattinson is the one that really stands out. His acting was phenomenal. I’m a little shocked that this movie made only 2 million at the box office, when it’s one of the better movies to come out at recent times, everything in here being solid as far as I can tell.


What added to the movie’s charm and style were the colors and music used. The vibrant colors and music that you could easily imagine blasting in an old 80’s horror film created a fantastic neon vibe that just fit the movie perfectly.

In short, Good Time, is a movie where everything goes wrong, and then it gets worse. It’s also a story about a character (Constantine) that destroys everything that he touches, while in pursuit of something dear to him. The only other ‘disaster’ movie similar to this that I can think of would be Requiem For A Dream, and that movie was also great for similar reasons.

This movie was a good time (you saw it coming) and I recommend you see it for yourself.

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